Bittrex returns funds to Steemit who promptly sell

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Around $7M USD was stolen in a rogue hard fork shortly after we forked to Hive. Some of these accounts were in active for over 2 years and had millions stolen from them.

Around 14.5M Steem was returned to Steemit that was not claimed in the pending lawsuit. These funds belonged to large account holders like @freedom, @mottler, and other large account holders that did not join the lawsuit.

While there is still a lot of tokens claimed in the lawsuit that are still in custody, this represents a lot of users who had significant amount of tokens stolen directly from their wallet with a rogue hard fork written by users who felt they should have received the Hive hard fork and put into action by Justin Sun and his stake.

As a top 20 witness, I had over 25,000 witness votes from the community. My position was replaced by a sock puppet witness with 5-6 votes. This happened to all the top 20 witnesses which allowed this theft to occur.

Justin Sun convinced these exchanges to stake customers funds without their consent to faciliate the hostile take over of Steem which without this, a theft like this would never have been possible.



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