Blocktrades secures victory against Justin Sun

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

By now, I am sure most people have heard the lawsuit vs Steemit Inc (aka Justin Sun) was concluded recently. You can read some of the case history here, specifically the final posted document here.

The final publicly available document discloses the final settlement.

Pursuant to Paragraph 3 of the Court’s March 7, 2023 Order Regarding Settlement and Disbursement of Interpleader Res, Bittrex, Inc. hereby notifies the Court and the Parties that Bittrex has disbursed the disputed funds consisting of 8,752,313.006 Steem and 294.207 SBD to Plaintiffs in the manner directed by Plaintiffs.

This means everyone named in the lawsuit specifically or by proxy was returned their Steem. Any user who was not part of the case had their Steem sent to Justin Sun a while ago by Bittrex. Unfortunately, this means Justin Sun managed to get around 15M Steemy for himself.

This case spanned around 3 years and would never been possible without @blocktrades effort and resources.

Personally, I had just over 170,000 Steem stolen from my account while also having my account completely censored at the RPC level. At the time I opened an issue on GitHub to leave a documentation trail. The issue remains open and ignored by Steemit Inc.


Steem was just over 24 cents on May 20th, 2020 when hard fork 23 stole 23.6M Steem. At the time of the settlement, and when most parties sold, Steem was around 20 cents. Today it went up another 6% to 21.5 cents, how the fuck? Hopefully as the word gets out, the market will reflect the value a little more accurately (~$0.00 +/- $0.00).


Thanks @blocktrades for all your work. This would never have been possible without you. I am so glad to put this behind me.

Being a good developer, I went ahead and closed my GitHub issue for Steem regarding hard fork 23.


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