New Hive Engine Tools update - Tribe Config

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I just released a new update to Hive Engine Tools.

There are now five tools:

  • Hive Engine Miner Break-Even
  • Hive Engine Curation
  • Buy/Sell Average
  • Top Tribe Authors
  • Tribe Config (New)

Introducing Tribe Config

Tribe Config gives you a quick summary of a Hive Engine tribe allowing you to see the most important configuration parameters.

For example, let's look at LEO

Image from thread

Here you can find the allowed tags, any ignored tags, author reward percentage, if the tribe is linear rewards, pool allocation, and more.

You can also see if a tribe reduces rewards for not using their front end. In the case of LEO you can see 20% of the rewards are burned if you do not use https://leofinance.io. You can also see the additional pool currently being used to provide wLeo incentives.

Let's check out a newer tribe on the block, Proof of Brain.

Image from thread

Here you can see they have a 5% beneficiary on all posts going to a team account. You can also see they are set for linear rewards and do not have any mining tokens.

Another new tribe Cine has some interesting parameters as well.

Image from thread

This tribe is also linear rewards, has no mining tokens and a 5% beneficiary to BRO token holders. You will also notice it has a reduced payout window, only 5 days compared to the typical 7 day window. There is also a slight curve on author rewards, this reduces rewards on posts with few votes and increases them slightly on posts with a lot of votes.

Go check it out at https://hiveengine.usehive.com.

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