Why I think everyone should start creating content on Hive & Leofinance

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Today I read a call to action post from @leofinance

The article refers to this video from Whiteboard Crypto who has 353k subscribers, where Leofinance is mentioned as a good platform to earn cryptocurrency. Check it out yourself!

I have to admit, that whenever I read a call to action on Hive / Leofinance, I jump on board to help spread the word. I feel it's important that more people outside the communities on Hive find their way to our platform. Most of us probably started creating content on Hive (or the early birds, at the time on Steemit), and slowly started to take notice that there is quite the good community out there with their own frontend where the focus lays on cryptocurrency, financial, investment content. Leofinance has covered it all and nowadays I believe quite a few authors are regularly writing on Leofinance, even if their focus mostly lies on other Hive communities.

I believe that it's important we share our personal stories not only within the community, but even more outside of the platform. After all, we all want people to join this revolutionary Web3.0, don't we?

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We are all content creators

This is probably a very important message to start with, as I remember often getting the same response "but I'm not a writer" or "I'm not a content creator". You're wrong! Let me explain why I think that. You may have never looked at yourself as a content creator because you may feel that content creators are supposed to be writers or vloggers. Maybe due to other reasons, but the fact is that there truly hides a content creator in each and every one of us. You may just have to discover what content you could create exactly. There's no need to be the best writer, because there are so many ways to share (written) content! Have you considered the fact that you can even share simple DIY articles where the pictures will do the "work" for you and there's no need to add a lengthy article to that, just some short instructions will do!

There's also the option that you prefer just speaking and creating video content instead of writing articles. Some people can chat all day, why not spend one hour a day to record something and share it with the world? You may find that there are plenty of people interested in what you have to say. Especially nowadays when the world is communicating a lot online.

I could go on forever throwing examples of what you can do to out your inner content creator, but the easiest advice is probably to create content about topics that you are passionate about, where you are interested in, etc. Think about it, you will find something, I promise!

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My personal experience writing and earning on Leofinance

I started with a short term vision

At first, I mostly spend time reading content on Leofinance, because I felt that others probably had better things to say than me. I was busy creating other content on the Hive blockchain anyway, and I did not have many cryptocurrencies, to begin with as I had to cash out to fiat for quite a long time until I could focus on long-term crypto bags and learning how to create some diamond hands! I can say that I mostly had a short-term vision, not because I wanted that, but simply because real life didn't provide enough funds each month, so the cryptocurrency earnings were very welcome to make our life easier.

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The possibility to work towards a better life, thanks to Web3.0

I often realized that I was super grateful to be part of this revolution on the hive blockchain & Leofinance so that at least I had the opportunity to change my situation in the real world! I often think about the times when I did not know about this digital world called web3.0 where I could create content and earn something for doing so. I used to be homeless and have struggled many years to get back on my feet just to get through the month of each cycle over and over again. Without having the option to have a car at our disposal, or go on a holiday. We simply survived, hoping to get through the month without creating any more debts or getting unexpected bills.

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To many content authors out there, Hive and Leofinance are a platform to speak their truths, have an audience, and connect with some people. The earnings are not the most important thing. Today, this is the case for me personally as well. Although the rewards truly still help me work towards emigrating to another country next year (which is life-changing!) the most important thing to me is currently the inspiration I get from connecting with other people. The new things I learn (about so many topics!), the new cryptocurrency projects that get chilled (early) on Leofinance, making it possible for me to jump in early if I want to. The general knowledge on Leofinance about financial topics is insanely high, and it has often taught me new things and shown me things from another perspective.

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What Hive & Leofinance has brought me can't be described with words

It is so much more than the monetary value that it has brought me! Not only have my earnings on the platform taken away so much financial stress (many times!), making our lives so much easier on many occasions, but it has also brought me a lot of joy in general without taking the monetary rewards into consideration. I can't think of another platform where I've been inspired by others on a daily basis. It can be because of a few words I read, or looking at an image, or reading someone's content. There is so much good stuff out here published by so many content creators, who all have their own reasons to be part of this revolutionary platform.

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The solution can come in many forms

I can also mention some of the things I've been able to buy thanks to my rewards on the platform. For example, earlier this year we bought a car, after many years without having one, we were finally in the financial position again to afford one. I can't even put to words how much it has enriched our lives since! Even though the car has issues, it still brings us where we want to be and I could not have achieved this without being a content creator here.

There were many occasions where I found a letter to pay off old debt and had no idea how to do so without cashing out my earnings. If I was in the situation that I was in 6 years ago, I would have panicked probably, not knowing how to solve something like this as there was no option to accumulate more income at the time. Now I have learned that the money is out there for us to get, you just have to open your eyes and see it! Sometimes it needs some out-of-the-box thinking as well, but it's there.

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Stay calm and create content, press publish, repeat!

After several situations where I managed to solve a financial hurdle thanks to my earnings on #hive or #leofinance, I learned how to stay calm and sleep on it. Tomorrow the solution will probably come to me. Maybe it comes in the form of new inspiration for a series of posts that get good rewards, or maybe it comes in the form of someone offering me a job that pays enough to solve the issue. It can be anything, but at least I won't sit and cry, waiting for the debt collector to knock on my door again. And me not knowing what to tell them, that's something that belongs to the past. I've learned to be proactive and start creating content, because there's always a chance a big vote follows after you hit the publish button.

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Leofinance is not your get rich quick scheme

Earning here can be super easy, but you have to make an effort and connect with people. This may sound complicated if you aren't usually creating content on other platforms, but it's very simple. You can start with a goal to browse through the content on Leofinance for 30 minutes a day, heck, if you only have 10 or 15 minutes to spare, do that! While you do so, you can find the topics that interest you by clicking on the tags to make it easier to browse through them and filter. Once you find the content you enjoyed, start following that person may be, so that within a few days you will find the content of your interest on your feed instead of having to go through all the non-related content. So even if you aren't at the point of creating your own content, this way you can build a network of people that share content that you have some interest in.

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The most important tip: engagement

Whatever you do, if you decide to instantly start creating content or not, always comment on people that leave you comments, and maybe even more important: show your appreciation to authors that you enjoy reading/watching. Often someone is even happier with your comment than when you leave a vote. It's true! Comments can make someone's day. Knowing that there are people out there reading/watching will motivate someone to keep doing what they do. You will experience this yourself, mark my words!

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If you made it this far

I hopefully convinced you to join Leofinance on the Hive blockchain. If this is the case, and you need some guidance to create a free account and some tips, please reach out to me. My socials are linked below.

Thank you for reading and hopefully, we will connect soon!

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