Ecency Discover Page - A Critical Look

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8 months ago - 2 minutes read

I have been away from hive for a while now and on my return, promised to use Ecency as the sole application for my interaction with the blockchain. Ecency has really grown over the years with good latency. It use not to be as smooth as it is right now if you were using it about a year ago. Down memory lane, I remember the search option was this optimal and now all these features are working great with even community incorporation.

As things have become smooth everyone expects great things. And perhaps the only way Ecency can be greater than it is so far is to give constructive criticism feedback to the creator. Constructive criticism feedback is feedback geared towards making a positive change in an already working system. This brings to the table a much more excellent product at the end of it all.

Below is a screenshot of the discover page of the Ecency frontend. This is the website version as I haven't downloaded the app on my mac.

As a returning user of the blockchain, I decided to go through the Discovery page and find out what was going on. The most active and curators page seems up to date and it works phenomenally well. The issue I met was the problem with Popular Users. This session sends a negative PR to any new user who visits the page as it is out of date. Most of the users on the Popular Users page haven't made a post or comment in a long time with some having a very small reputation.

The problem here is that when a new user enters the discover page wanting some talent works to see and realizes most of these users are inactive, it can send negative feedback to the user that the platform is a dead platform. The reason why other social media pages thrive very well is the amount of activity on the page. And if the most popular people on our platform haven't been active in the last 6months, then the platform is indeed dead. I am sure probably a solution to the problem is being concocted as I write this article by @ecency

You can check out these accounts in the popular users' section to confirm as stated. I am well aware that the popular users section changes with time but it is all flooded by inactive users.