Minted My Runi

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7 months ago - 2 minutes read

Finally, I have raised the minting funds to mint my runi. I participated in the runi whitelist process earlier last month and have been on the wait to obtain my runi. It's actually my first Ethereum-based nft and it's already awesome. The thought that kept coming to me before minting was the probability of getting a gold foil runi which would have made my fortunes.

I have already had 7 views on my runi and hoping to get more people to check it out. Though the staking process to utilize runicores has not started, it's already a craze to have one. I am enjoying the hype that comes with owning one already. A feature I would have added was the opportunity to add something personal to your runicore. Initially, I thought that was what they meant by billions of combinations.

Below are the stats of my Runi.