Ask leo ; Could Crypto currency be the last evolving means of trading?

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1403473369.jpgsource The world and the human race has come a long way in technological advancement which reflected in all spheres of life. Trading is as old as man itself which started in form of trade and barter; exchange of good for goods. Later replaced by exchange of goods for valuable items such as gold, hides and skin to name a few. Then the invention of cowries for payment of goods and services. Which is the birth of the innovation of money today. The physical money has been concluded as the best innovation that solved the problem of trading and alas! Computer came into play and digital currency like Crypto is here. There's no limit to the capacity of the human brain. Humans are always inquisitive and looking for ways to be perfect. Crypto so far has tackled some of the short comings of physical money; being able to be created as a decentralized network that cannot be influenced by any authority. That said, Crypto also has its own discrepancies. There's challenge of fraud, government regulations, illiteracy etc Do you think another form of trading mechanism could be developed or innovated that will take care of the discrepancies of both physical money and digital currency? Ethereum is fast rising. All though it's also digital currency but it takes care of the weaknesses of physical money and Crypto currency. So we should await more innovation in the future!

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