The Daily Leo #241 - The Current Macro Situation, Cross-Chain Interoperability

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Understanding The Current Macro Situation

The FED raised rates, but the economy is cooling. What is really happening? Why did the FED continue to raise rates? What sectors will be impacted the most? to answer these and other questions...

Facebook Tax Case Could Decide Fate Of Anti-Profit-Shifting Rules

Facebook is currently in a tax dispute over the pricing of transactions with an offshore subsidiary. While Facebook going to court is not exactly a new thing, this time, the situation is a bit different as this is the first time that...

Cross-Chain Interoperability and the Future of Cryptocurrency

With the advance of blockchain technology and the rise of cryptocurrency adoption, a myriad of new projects are created all the time. In such a scenario, bridging the gaps between various blockchain networks becomes increasingly vital. Fortunately, cross-chain technology is also evolving constantly and projects such as...

Best Crypto to Buy Now 30

The crypto market is volatile in nature and even more so in times of uncertainty. The industry is facing a lot of pressure from regulatory players, which makes investors wary. However, this situation also brings potential opportunities such as...

Citi says trillions in assets could be tokenized by 2030

Despite all the uncertainty around crypto, many institutions still believe in the potential of the industry. One example is Investment bank Citi, which is betting on the blockchain-based tokenization of real-world assets to become the next “killer use case” in crypto. The firm forecasts the market to reach between...

What Hive Community Can Build With GPT-4?

AI has recently taken the world by storm, and, while it's been around for a while, applications such as ChatGPT really boosted the adoption of this technology. Using AI is still a controversial topic on Hive when it comes to content creation, but there are many ways the community could leverage the technology to bring more attention to the chain. LeoFinance author @finguru listed some of the potential applications of GPT-4 on Hive, such as... .

What is Syscoin Rollux all about?

Syscoin (SYS) is a project that claims to offer the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum in one blockchain. They are in the process of launching their Syscoin Rollux L2, an upgrade to the existing blockchain. The project is quite complicated and full of technical jargon, but LeoFinance @forexbrokr did a good job breaking down the main aspects of this project and the ongoing upgrade. The key takeaways are...

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