Konami Set to Incorporate Blockchain Technology in Games, Plans To Launch an NFT Marketplace

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Konami, the Japanese entertainment conglomerate and video game company founded in 1969 by Kagemasa Kozuki is now among the top web2 companies to align with blockchain technology. No doubt, this technology has helped many businesses expand and attract more customers. Konami has refused to be left behind.

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To improve user experience and also give users a chance to earn while playing video games, the gaming giant seeks to expand its business by introducing new concepts including non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. It is worth noting that non-fungible tokens and metaverse are the latest innovation in the crypto verse. Crypto enthusiasts have also printed millions of dollars via creating and trading NFTs.

In a Thursday update, Konami disclosed that the entertainment business has been undertaking rigorous research to discover the best ways to allow its customers to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology via the trading of in-game NFTs.

In addition, the gaming colossus headquartered in Tokyo is planning to launch a unique non-fungible token (NFT) trading or digital item distribution platform. Konami stressed that the intending NFT marketplace will be developed to 'conform to the "Guidelines for Blockchain Games" set forth by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association, Japan Online Game Association, and the Mobile Content Forum.'

Konami wrote;

"We have been conducting research and development to incorporate the latest technology into games and contents, and plan to launch a service where players can trade their in-game NFTs (digital items) through a unique distribution platform using blockchain."

Users can then use their in-game NFTs as items. It is said that the NFTs can as well be used to participate in fan communities and events, while also allowing game players to interact with other services and communities. Per the announcement, all of these aims to expand the user experience.

Konami Recruiting Blockchain Talents

To achieve these strategic and timely plans, Konami has announced a recruitment program where different blockchain experts in the NFT and Metaverse niche will be hired and retained. Konami aims to further strengthen its structure by leveraging these blockchain talents.

"Konami Digital Entertainment announces that we will be recruiting a wide range of talent for "system construction" and "service development" to provide new experiences such as WEB3 and Metaverse," part of the announcement read

Some of the positions Konami wants to fill include; System Engineers, Programmers, Project Managers, and Business Development experts among others.

Ultimately, the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology is steadily growing amidst the recent turbulence in the crypto market that has seen myriad crypto assets like BTC and ETH decline in price.

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