We need more Market options and Use-cases for POINTS

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@toofasteddie2 months ago
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47407 Points, that's what I have accumulated in Ecency Wallet. Apparently, according to the application itself, the total value of these POINTS is $94.81, at the HIVE price today, this would mean 242 HIVE in exchange...

The theoretical uses of these points according to the Ecency application are mainly 2:

  • BOOST any post, including yours or,
  • PROMOTE any post, including Yours.

The PROMOTE option is used to put any post on the first viewing page for a certain time depending on the POINTS you use. The BOOST option is the one that in the first instance provides "Value" to these points. If you use these POINTS in any post, within 7 days of its publication, said post should be UPVOTED by the application account under its own subjectivity, which means that the post in which POINTS have been spent to your BOOST, may or may not be upvoted at the discretion of the Ecency team.

This criterion is, in all cases unknown to me at least, in the past I could get upvotes in any of my posts written in Ecency but since a few months it is very rare that I get any benefit even using the minimum amount of points (150 POINTS) . The same happens with the Posts that I want to BOOST other than mine, many times the result is zero.

Ecency, however, is still trying to sell POINTS packages at special prices through the android or iPhone market place. The prices per purchased point vary depending on the amount you buy, but basically, and in EUROS, 1 POINT = 0.0023 Euros.

I don't know if there are still people who buy these points packages in the application, for me, it makes little sense if in the end its "value" is not reflected in its applicability.

In the end, what sense do these points have if their use and final objective is uncertain? For me, Ecency should look for other uses to give value to this token, some of them occur to me, for example, obtaining temporary HP delegations in exchange for POINTS or obtaining some kind of prize once a certain amount of them has been accumulated, but giving it a "closed" value for NOTHING doesn't seem fair to anyone. Surely, more uses and options would cause more "market" and it would be the users themselves who would set the prices of that market and not an entity with uncertain criteria today.

I still don't know what to do with my POINTS stake, surely I am going to use the PROMOTE option so that the message of this post reaches more people, in theory.

By the way, there is another use of the POINTS that I have not mentioned and it is the GIFT option, I can "donate" the points to anyone I want (I hope), so instead of donating them... why not sell at market price? and by market price I mean that I accept any offer to sell quantities of 1000 POINTS at a time...

According to ECENCY, 1000 POINTS = 2$ = 5.11 HIVE...

What would be your OFFER for 1000 POINTS?

We can still reach an agreement and give a REAL market value to this Token.