Bitcoin short time frame update

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3 months ago - 1 minutes read

Binance As price continues to redistribute, be conscious of opening long position until the break of $23k as resistance on the 30 mins TF and and a obvious structure portraying the retest of 24.2kas support on the Daily TF.

N/B: Presently, a first hand revisit of 23.5k region and above looks seemingly like a. Break out on the 4hr TF while $22.8-$23k remains the macro support level.

However,on the 4hr TF after the first hand if rejected on 23.3-4k zone from the time of this report,a build up originating on the 30 mins TF within $23.5-8k, may aid a possible upside continuation to break above 24.5-7k resistance.

If not, $22.8-$23k support level should be expected in subsequent days.

Be cautious while trading especially at weekends. 🤝