Hello March its hive power up day

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Screenshot_20230301110011.png Hello March finally you are here after waiting for you in a while, this month is embedded with joy as its the birth month of my beloved and only daughter, she has given me comfort in my days of trials, I never really understood the bond and love a parent have for their children until I gave birth to mine, so I will put in my best to give her the best life has too offer. This month holds alot of promises as it has usually been a month when breakthrough usually come for me, all I need too do is too put in more effort and be my best at all times and the rest is left for my creator to make things happen.

Screenshot_20230301162518.png Today is also the official day for hive power up as its been long since i powered up my hive account, although I didn't earn more hive from blogging due to downvotes but I still managed too buy some hive via OTC to power up my account, though I have been behind my projection for the year on the quantity of hive earned and staked, but on hive engine I have been making ways as I have been meeting some of my set goals, in the aspect of hive layers second layer tokens I think i have gotten about 10% of my target for leo and I also increased my sports stake as well.


The month of February I was not productive and didn't meet any realistic goal.. I barely earned 8.36 Hive power and 3.8 hbd, this is very poor as I need too improve and give hive some more time, to enable me meet my target this year, I hope the downvote stops so i can grow fast else it will still be at this snail pace, although I will take my friends advice from @hivedeb to focus on hive second layer if am not earning much on the 1st layer, and hopefully at the end of this month will have a better result.

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