It's 15th of the month and another lovely day too achieve another milestone

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It's another great day to power up some leo tokens to increase the scarcity of circulating token in the market, leo finance is one of the best performing hive engine tokens that has brought more organic users to the hive Blockchain who are interested in financial and blogging. For some time now the lion family has been observing a routine of staking their liquid tokens too improve their reward and also reduce the sell pressure of the tokens in the open market, there are also some other benefits for staking the coins but I think this is the primary aim for initiating this program for price stability and scarcity.

My aims last month has been low as I haven't been as active as I ought to be but I managed too buy some leo off the market to participate in this month LUPD. My aim is to power up 10k leo before the end of the year and am current at 17% close too my target with a total of 1700 leo powered up. Hopefully by next month I would have gotten up to 25% which is having about 2500 leo token powered up.

it's also good to see @khaleelkazi and his team putting in more efforts doing a good work on the new app threads, as he has boarded a good chunk of the various hive sub communities, to thread platform to increase engagement.

Happy power up day to the lions

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