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My first leo power up day participation is making me blush as it almost coincides with the valentine day, been waiting for this day since while I gradually gather up leo tokens, earlier this year I said my goal is too get too 10k leo before the end of this year and i have just achieved 10% of that.

Although I bought most of the coins from the market, but them again I didn't say how I will get there but I just know I will do that one way or the other, right now I have a lot on my desk and hence I can't focus full on hive, as it's kinda challenging right now in my country Nigeria with almost everything falling apart, but we are still hopeful for a better tomorrow as when one is without hope it's better too just give up and die.

Hive has been the light at the end of the tunnel for many of us who embraced the blockchain, it's a new lifestyle that has given us hope and raised many away from the abject poverty level, aside from earning the knowledge base is something one can not acquire from the four walls of a university and the network is massive and keeps scaling.

It's great to see so many people get involved in web 3 and hive and leo finance is leading the way. This is a time to come together, once a month, to power up LEO and show our dedication to growing stake in the platform and building our collective vision: democratizing financial knowledge and opportunities with Web3.

So i have been able too buy some hive over the past few days so I can participate with others in leo power up, I was able to power up 1220 leo meeting above 10% of my target this year, hopefully if I continue in this pace by October I would have made my target.

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