Testing my hands back in forex trading

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

Last year I learned forex trading during the bull market and was able too grow my little account from 100$ too 3000$ within 3 months just swing trading, it was an awesome experience as I don't usually trade much but was able to secure that good profit as every asset was rising and one doesn't need too do too much research before investing as everything basic was pumping. Then some the bear Market and I was still caught up with the moon Boys theory that's its just a minor pull back which made me fail to apply the golden rule of trading which is secure your capital and I lost it all 😭.


Exness Here we go again in 2023 after almost a year of trauma and self disbelief am back to the forex market, I had too fund my exness account using bitcoin because when I would like too withdraw my funds I would love too recieve it as cryptocurrency due too the rate being better than funding my account with our fiat currency. I started off with about $53 worth of cryptocurrency which was converted too usd to enable me execute trade, my account is up about 63$ which is approximately 100% in profit of my initial investment but not being too cocky I will like too still implement strict risk management so I don't go back too where am coming from buy blowing up my account, hopefully in 3 months time I might find my self up by 3000% God be my helper.

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