ANNOUNCEMENT POST - Hive Power Up Day, February 1st 2021

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Hard to believe, but in just about a week, the next Power Up Day for 2021 will already be here - in fact, the @hivebuzz countdown timer has already started ticking down the days! Be sure to check it out on the HiveBuzz site so you don't miss your chance to earn a badge while you build your Hive account!

Now, for all the Power Up Day details...

On the first day of the month...

... anyone who is able to, powers up some Hive on the first of the month.

... accounts that are powering down, pause during the 24 hour span of the first of the month.

... anyone who is trading/selling Hive, pause those transactions during the 24 hour span of the first of the month (and possibly even cancel any type of sell order on any exchanges during that time as well).

When you power up your liquid Hive, it gives you a number of benefits. I especially like how my dear friend @nickyhavey laid it out in his post from August 2020 -

  1. Stronger votes on content & witnesses - although you may not see this in the first instance, if you stay for a longer time and keep powering up like I have over the last 2.5 years, then you will notice the accumulative effect
  2. Earning more curation rewards - kinda goes with point 1 but the way it works is that if you upvote content, you will earn as well (known as curation rewards) so the more Hive Power you have, the more you can potentially earn back
  3. Earning "interest" by holding Hive Power - maybe you didn't know this but you will also earn HIVE passively at about 3% per year of what you currently have powered up so the more HIVE you have, the more you can earn from just holding!
  4. Earn by delegating - delegating is effectively "loaning" out your HIVE Power to others and some accounts may offer you a daily payment for doing so. If you have more to delegate, you can earn more by delegating which helps grow your balance even more!

For those who have done Power Up Day in the past, please be aware these requirements changed a bit starting with the September 1st 2020 Power Up Day, so please read carefully:

To be included in the winners list, you must meet all four requirements above. The order of the list (first place, second place, and so on) will be determined by the biggest PERCENTAGE of Hive powered up, not necessarily the most Hive powered up. For example, if the top two people were...

Hive Person A - who had 1000 HIVE Powered up before February 1st and met the four above requirements on the first by powering up 100 HIVE.


Hive Person B - who had 300 HIVE Powered up before February 1st and met the four above requirements on the first by powering up 60 HIVE.

... that means that Hive Person B would would be in first place with a 20% power up, versus Hive Person A who had a bigger power up, but with only a 10% power up.


In addition to making your own vote more valuable and adding to your curation rewards (as well as earning interest on your stake), some amazing members of the Hive community are offering prizes that include delegations, Hive giveaways, and other cool stuff listed below.

As @streetstyle said in his announcement post for the May 1st 2020 Power Up Day ...

If you'd like to jump in and offer a prize for future #hivepuds, simply shout out either in the comment section, or on Discord (traciyork#4860) and I'll be sure to update the prize list accordingly!

And no worries if your account is too big/small to qualify for an "official" prize - remember that any time you power up, you "win" a bigger upvote and more power on the blockchain. Can't go wrong with a prize like that! 

For now, based on the past few months, I'm leaving all the prizes marked as ✔️ (CONFIRMED) as they seem to be fairly consistently awarded. If that changes, I'll update the prize to ⛔ (NOT CONFIRMED) until I know for sure. And sponsors, if you'd rather I left your prize marked "NOT CONFIRMED" each month until you shout out, please let me know and I'll be happy to change it.

Also, a special thank you to @sgt-dan for sponsoring delegations prizes for the past four months - your support was greatly appreciated, and I wish you well on wherever your Hive journey takes you next.

EDITED TO ADD: @sgt-dan has decided to delegate in a different way this month - please see his reply here for details.


1st Place -


2nd Place -


3rd Place -


4th-20th Place Each -






1st Place - Total 1100 HP Delegated

2nd Place - Total 850 HP Delegated

3rd Place - Total 550 HP Delegated

Random Winner

Check out this post from September by the @hivebuzz team called, Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together! for details as well as the Power Up Day Helper Badge post. The buzz on the street is that there's even more fun to be had in the coming months!

Oh, and BEE sure to also give their new proposal a peek and show it some support if you appreciate all they do to bring good cheer to our blockchain community all year long!


Shout out to the (still in Beta) UI from @leofinance, which is what I used for creating this post. While there are still a few kinks to be worked out, overall I really enjoy using this interface. Well done, Leo Finance team!

Oh, and don't forget to follow @hivebuzz (here and on Twitter) so you don't miss upcoming announcements about the aforementioned HivePUD fun, as well as other awesome initiatives like the Mental Health badge for the Natural Medicine Community and the Papillon Charity badge to support @papilloncharity and @combination's amazing fund raising efforts.

And thanks once again to everyone in the Hive Community for all you do to make our blockchain space a home. Special shout out to my numbers guy @abh12345 for always pulling together the data when the time comes - Asher, you're a ROCKSTAR!

Here's to another awesomesauce Hive Power Up Day!

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