HBD Savings Out of the Shadows

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6 months ago - 2 minutes read

I have been posting about the cash flow advantages of HBD Savings for a while. However, I have mostly been saving my HBD to a "cold wallet". It is an account that I only use for savings. Nothing more. But, I recognize that it probably undermines my message to talk about how great HBD Savings from an account that has very little HBD Savings. I should put my savings where my blog is.

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With this in mind, I will be maintaining a balanced portfolio on each of my alt accounts, including this one. This means that if I have $500 worth of HIVE, then I shall have $500 worth of HBD as well. I will do this for each of my accounts.

What if you max out?

If I max out my savings so that they match my HIVE balance on each account, I'll contribute to my "cold wallet". However, it will be some time before that occurs. One of my alt accounts is much larger than this one. Furthermore, by the time I max that one out, it is possible that the price of HIVE will have increased. This would require me to top up my savings to match the new value of my HIVE.

What if the value of HIVE drops?

Simple. I will put my deposits in the cold wallet, out of sight. My goal is to illustrate a balanced portfolio and to demonstrate passive income from HBD Savings. Once that objective is reached, I can continue to increase the HIVE side by curation and blog posting. Then, I'll match with HBD Savings.

Be Careful

Earning 20% on your capital is a great return. Yes, you can earn more. You can absolutely earn less. If you let greed get a hold of you, you're going to move your capital to riskier positions. This is how most people get rekt. It's never enough. There must be more.

HBD Savings is a great return on most investments. HIVE is the riskier component. It could go up. It could go down. It could go sideways. You can win big. Lose big. Or go nowhere. HBD Savings, on the other hand, is a guaranteed win.

If you split your investment into half and half, that is half a guaranteed win and half a speculative holding, then you can still benefit from asymmetric gains. And, when you lose, it's not as painful.

But, all this is just words on the screen until you see somebody do it, right? Allow me to illustrate.

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