Indecision About Cash Flow vs Capital Gains

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5 months ago - 3 minutes read

In my previous post, I wrote about trying to decide how to invest the portion of my paycheck that goes to savings. The choices were to deposit all $200 in HBD Savings to earn interest, or to buy Bitcoin to start building collateral for future loans. There was even discussion of using the loan to buy more HBD Savings, which would go towards paying off the loan. Or, as @joetunex suggested, a safer approach would be to split my savings to buy both. He makes a good point about risk. Debt is risk.

Ultimately, what I wound up doing was to split my savings. I bought $100 of BTC and $100 of HBD Savings. I'm not happy about the decision. But, it makes more sense based on what I learned from playing the CashFlow game by Robert Kiyosaki.

Games As Artificial Intelligence

Ca$hFlow Game

Playing CashFlow is your own personal AI engine. The thing about Artificial Intelligence is not that it is intelligent. Rather, it is able iterate thousands of times to come up with the best decision. When you play chess with a computer, for example, it calculates almost every outcome to make a decision. This means that in the AI brain, it is likely wrong 99% of the time. When you see AI do a better job than humans it's because it has thousands of times the experience that the human has. It's like Doctor Strange evaluating every single outcome for defeating Thanos.

In the meantime, here we are, humans with our limited ability to calculate and only one linear lifetime trying to match up against the machine. It's not that humans aren't intelligent. It is that we have far less experience than the AI, which has relived the same decisions thousands of times to come up with the best option.

Playing CashFlow is very similar to having our own AI. We are able to relive the same decisions based on multiple iterations. If you play long enough, you figure out what works to get you out of the rat race faster regardless of what career you start out having.

Forget Debt

From having played the game so many times, I know that paying off debt is not helpful. This flies in the face of all financial teachings, I know. Instead of reducing your debt, your best bet is to increase your cash flow. That is, your best effort is spent on increasing your income. With more income, at some future point you can simply pay off your debt in full to dramatically increase your cash flow. Paying down debt can, at best, increase your cash flow by a few dollars each month. You probably lose more than that in loose change in your couch.

Another lesson from playing CashFlow is that you should invest in things with asymmetric gains. A gold coin from a distressed family member, an undervalued stock, or some other low cost investment can sometimes pay off big, giving you enough money for a down payment on an investment property, starting you on your way out of the rat race. Together, increased cash flow and capital gains are the gateway to wealth.

Putting Knowledge To Work

Two things we know at this time. We know that HBD Savings is paying 20% interest. We know that BTC is at a great price. If we were playing CashFlow at this time, your best strategy would be to buy HBD Savings and either BTC or HIVE. At the moment, HIVE is at a great price too. But, I can earn HIVE to increase my bags. BTC, on the other hand, I can only buy.

We also know that crypto prices are at bargain lows. And, the economic forecast calls for more pain in 2023.

Therefore, HBD Savings is how I am purchasing cash flow. BTC is how I am purchasing a future windfall. In the end, I have not chosen one over the other. I have chosen both as they both have their place in building wealth.

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