Saving Hbd to help out in future

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Lately, I have been low on cash, I have been having a lot of expenses, which supersedes my income, as a stay home mom and a wife I only have as my source of income, this is because I don't have the qualification to work in a good place that can offer me much to pay up my expenses. I wish to work, but jobs around here for people of my qualification is nothing to write about, they don't pay you well if you have a very low qualification, this is why I took the step to start a tertiary institution, now I am faced with a lot more expenses than before, I have to take care of some of the kids needs and also mine, I went to school on Saturday, I had to pay for a textbook that I didn't plan to buy, the thing is I didn't even know the textbook was part of our must buy, and so I had skipped adding it to my budget from the beginning of the semester, that was an unplanned #2300 naira [$4].

This is the reason why I can't even go out to look for other jobs because it will be a waste of time for me and my family. Instead of getting something, I will instead be losing out on exploring other opportunities like hive blockchain.

So I have made a special saving plan on my hbd for the rest of April and may, I will be saving whatsoever I can on my hbd savings, just so I can also have the benefits of having the 20% apr on it, though it might not be easy achieving this goal, I have to try so i don't get to put so much on other people.

In school, we will be starting exams soon and it is for two weeks, we were asked to pay for the hostel fee, as they wouldn't allow students to sleep in the classroom, just like we had done the last time, A fee of 10,000 naira has to be paid for this, i plan to withdraw my present hbd for that purpose, so that I don't burden someone else has this will be better than being thrown out of the classroom and also it will be a way for me to save up for a big transportation fare as the transport fare that will take me to and fro school will be more than the amount we are to pay for the accommodation.

As April is a month that is packed with a lot of activity in school, the department authorities have made the buying of the student week t-shirt very compulsory this shirt cost #3000 naira [$5], so this has become an added expense for this month. As I said the month is packed, and I only need to find a way to get all this money from my engagement from hive, and that is through saving my HBD very critically as this will help me.

That's why they say saving is best when you have things to achieve or bills to pay. I might not have a specific amount of Hbd to save, but I will be saving all my payout for the next two-three months.

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