Does this faucet really pay 10k sats per referral? Help me find out!

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2 years ago - 1 minutes read


So, @alexvan shilled me this faucet yesterday which supposedly pays 10k satoshis (yes, ten thousand!) for every referral you bring. And the referral gets 10k sats!


The catch? Two.

First, every referral must mail verify and claim the faucet at least once.

Second, you need a minimum of 100k satoshis to withdraw your funds.

The reality is that they actually pay 5k sats despite what they say on their site! I know because a friend just registered under me:


Ok, 5k sats aren't bad either!

Still, I call bullshit and I doubt it pays that GOOD... I am sure there will be more traps in the way even if I reach the withdrawal limit..

Anyways, you never know if you don't try! Sometimes what looks like poop is actually gold in disguise.

So, please head over to https://www.earnbitcoin.io/?r=379497 , register, verify your mail and claim the faucet. Just one time will do.

If it does pay I guess I will cash out my earnings, buy HIVE and power it up and come a bit closer to becoming a whale!

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