10 + Methods to Earn Free Crypto in 2021 !

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3 years ago - 3 minutes read

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Starting from tomorrow, my country will be in full lock-down for 3 weeks, which will probably end up being 3 months. Lol.

Which means, plenty of free time to earn some free crypto! So, what are your methods to get free crypto? Comment and don't hesitate to leave me your ref links!

Here are mine, and of course my ref links :P

  • Blogging here on Leofinance and HIVE are certainly my biggest bread earners. It may take a while but once you socialize enough you can make a nice side income for yourself.
  • The Freebitcoin faucet. Also check this cool article on how you can use it to play free bets to multiply your faucet earnings if that's your thing.
  • TheCryptoFaucet, which is probably the best faucet out there, giving anywhere from 1.5 to 300 dogecoins per roll. Usually, I get 3. Here's an extensive review I wrote about it a long time ago with photos, payment proofs and everything. It also allows you to earn crypto with other methods, like doing surveys
  • Cryptobrewmaster. Not much, but it's somewhat fun with updates coming slowly and steadily. I have a feeling CBM (the native token) will do very well in the future for reasons I have explained in previous posts
  • Copy pasting my hive posts on Publish0x, Blurt and Steemit for some extra pennies! It's not much but its easy money. Cross-posting rules!
  • Noise.cash is an interesting site I discovered recently. Essentially, it's a twitter-like platform where you can tip and like short content published by other users. The first day I used it I earned over 1 $ in about half an hour. It's fun and simple and definitely worth a look! As suggested by its name, this platform pays in Bitcoin Cash.
  • Uploading videos at 3speak is another option you can try. It's like youtube but it pays in Hive cryptocurrency. Soon they are gonna have their own native token too, which means you will get paid in two cryptocurrencies. Double the fun, double the money!
  • Torum is another blogging platform I recently discovered that pays you in crypto for upvotes you receive and stuff. However, it's dedicated to crypto only. It's pretty new and in the ico phase yet and there is no market place to sell your earnings so keep in mind that.
  • Brave Browser: Brave is a chrome-based browser that by default blocks all ads. Now, here's the twist. If you chose to do so, Brave replaces all ads with ads from it's own market and pays you for something you do anyways, browsing the internet! These ads are way less intrusive and don't track your personal data. I personally use BRAVE both on my phone and pc and I get paid anywhere from 3-10 BAT a month. You can use the earned BAT (the native token of BRAVE) in a myriad of ways, like to tip content creators you enjoy, buy gift cards for amazons etc etc. Personally, I just spread the love and use them to tip other people. Please notice, earnings from using BRAVE vary from country to country. For example, someone from the U.S will typically earn more bats compared to someone from Nigeria.
  • Dcity (requires some initial investment), but as of today has some crazy ROI!
  • I will also start doing this signature campaign by Yobit tomorrow, which is paying 1000 sats per forum post.
  • Upvoting @pixresteemer's daily dice roll games. I earn curation and half of the times a nice share from the daily pot. It's always a win. Lol. @playpoker and @playhighcard are two other similar games you can give a try. I use them when I have some extra vp left

As a last tip, you maybe want to follow my account at http://leofinance.io/@trumpman as I regularly post about new and interesting crypto airdrops. Remember, in most cases airdrops are time sensitive and limited to a certain amount of users so they are first come first served :D

So yeah. These are all the methods I use today to earn free crypto! Got a good method not listed here? Let me know in the comments!

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