How to earn FREE Bitcoin MYK !

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As you probably know, I actively curate on leofinance.io. So, a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon a post by user @mykos, it was a pretty basic one, so I gave a small leo upvote, probably 15 % or something. More posts followed by him and upvoted them too in similar fashion...

And yesterday I noticed this:


At first, I figured it's a total shitcoin but actually it does hold some value! Atm, I have a total of 298 of these BitcoinMYK coins and I can sell them for about 2 $. Not bad for curating someone with tiny leo votes!

So, today I spend some time learning more about the project and even joined the discord. I still don't get much of it. All I know for sure is that @mykos sounds really passionate about it and that it is some multichain deflationary mumbo jumbo that also pays UBI dividends or something.

Atm the coin is listed on some small exchanges, (like steem-engine, hive-engine, waves, memo.cash etc) and I believe he applied for altilly today:

Feel free to visit the website, ideally via my ref https://www.bitcoinmyk.com/?affiliates=49 if you want to learn more. Here's a plain link if you want to be a dick and not use my ref https://www.bitcoinmyk.com

Ok. And now for the most important part of the post...

How to get FREE Bitcoin MYK

It's simple! Just upvote the posts by Mykos. I guess the higher your vote is, the more tokens you get.

I will still give him small leo upvotes (since I like to spread the leo love) but starting from today, I will give him full hive upvotes. Firstly, because I don't care much about hive these days (other than leo) and also because when it comes to curation, snipers fuck me in the ass anyway. At least this way I will get an extra token for free and indirectly improve my curation rewards.

In case you wonder, for now I will hodl my Bitcoin MYK, earn as many as I can and see where it goes.

Let me know if you have heard about this project before and what you think about it!

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