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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

I was planning to do the regular silver unboxing but silly me forgot to take a photo of the mail before opening itπŸ˜‚

So let's see all those fresh goodies Mr mailman brought me today directly !


A closer look to all the silver treasures πŸ€‘πŸ”₯

First, we have my first ever silver coin from Italy, a 500 Lire:



The coin depicts the three ships of Christopher Columbus's ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. I bet @kerrislravenhill would love to have one of these coins, if she doesn't already have a dozen or soπŸ˜‚

When it comes to silver, we have 11 g of .835 purity. Not bad!

Next, three sexy eagles from Germany!



3 x 10 German marks, minted in 1972 commemorating various events that I will cover in future posts. Each piece is 15.5 g with a purity of 0.625. Not great not terrible πŸ₯²

Ok, we got Europe covered. The next chunky box comes from Canada and it's one sexy beast!

A 2000 proof set of coins.

Front and back:



Let's open this bad boy up:


Nice leather like cover!

Let's open that too πŸ˜‚


Just look at all these beautiful coins 😍😍😍😍😍 I already have a couple of them, but most are new additions for my collection. Sweet!

And as the included prospectus informs us...



Six out of the 8 of them is made out of 0.925 silver! Sweeeeeeeet!

And most of them features animals, my favorite type of coins 😍

Ok frens, that's it for today's. I'll do some follow up posts on all the fresh additions so stay tuned!

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