Ask Leo: Between Crypto And Real Estate, Which One Should Be Consider When Planning For Retirement?

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Everybody have their own predilection for how they want to spent their retirement days. Some people who are into cryptocurrency are having a second thought of using cryptocurrency as the means of retirement and are starting to invest in real estate and planning to earn from it during their retirement days and leave it for their generation to come when they are no more for inheritance.


Investing in real estate has been many people dream for their retirement days and it has also been my long time dream even before knowing anything about cryptocurrency but as of now, I'm not sure again because I'm not sure if it is as lucrative and good as it is used to be for the retirement.

Real estate investment requires a lot of stress from getting a suitable landed property and all it takes to develop the property get the process done before started to earn from it and its earning is in local fiat money. I don't think it is a bad idea though, because it serves as another passive income for the retirement days.

Investing in real estate gives one the privilege to live freely without thinking about house rent during retirement and the fact that the landed property will keep on appreciating is also another advantage of real estate investment.

On the other hand, investing in crypto for the retirement is like having a secret asset and only you will know what you worth because your hustle is in secret. Staking or delegating your crypto in the platform which guarantee a compounding and which we can just be living off the interest and can last us till the retirement days. Investing on the HIVE blockchain wouldn't be a bad idea, because keeping HBD in savings would guarantee 20% APR. It looks lucrative and appealing for the retirement. Though you have to consider different factors before doing that.

But if I was ask to pick one of the two for the retirement, I think investing in this two is not a bad idea. Having asset in crypto and in real estate investment will work together because if one market is crash the second one will keep us going and also real estate is an asset that can be pass down to the coming generation but crypto will also help boost the growth of wealth as well.

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