The bad experience I had in raising my first broiler birds // Life of a feathered friends farmer

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Hi everyone, it is another new day of the week and 22nd of the month which means the month of March is coming to an ending gradually.

Today I want to share with you all about the bad experience that I face when raising my first broilers birds. Yeah, I am a lovers of feathered friends and I must say that I love different kinds of birds but I haven't been able to expand my project of raising more birds because of some different challenges am facing.

I had a tough time in which am not happy about when raising my first broilers birds but the situation taught me a great lesson and I also had an experience to get prepared for next time.

Since I can't afford to start raising a large amount of broilers birds because of space in which is one of the factor to be consider then that is the reason why I started with just twelve broiler birds some months ago and since then I have learnt so many things about broiler birds.

Thou, the purpose of the business is to make a great profit. But my first experience about raising a broiler birds is very bad one. I bought twelve broiler birds (a day old) at the rate of #5820 ($13.99) and during the course of raising them I have bought three and half bag of feeds for the birds which cost me a total of #30,100 ($72.35) and with drugs and other expenses I have spent #40,720 ($97.63) on my birds. So far so good, I have accepted the loss because I don't think I can even get the amount I have spent on the birds back talkless of making a profit. I was able sold four out of my birds at the rate of #14000 (33.57), I lost four of the birds to death and I ate one by myself which made me now left with just three birds in my cage. I have spent a total sum of #40,720 with only income of #14000 received so far and am left with just three birds. There is no amount I can placed on the three birds left which can recapture the outcome spent and that is the reason why I have accepted the loss in my first time of raising broiler birds. Thou, my first experience may be a bad one but it has given me an insight what to expect next and also I have accumulated an experience to raise another one better, and in my next post I will be talking about some lessons learnt towards raising a broiler birds.

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