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Food prices are going up

No matter where you live and how much you earn. There is no denying the fact that the food prices are going up. It is not just food but even the basic commodities are getting more and more expensive.

Why prices are going up

Well I am not an economist to delve up on the details.however I have noticed that ever since the pandemic things are getting scarce and costly. Who would have imagined that stores would run out of toilet paper. Yet they did. Food supplies went off the shelves as people started hoarding at the onset of pandemic.

The supply chains got disrupted

Due to this sudden rise in artificial consumption supply chains got disrupted. Everything that arrived at the ports had to be quarantined and as a result there were delays.

The current geopolitical situation is going to hit the food prices hard.

The current war in Ukraine & Russia means that the entire world would suffer. President Zelensky of Ukraine has stated that they would miss the export targets of wheat this year on account of the ongoing war with Russia. Ukraine is the 5th largest supplier of wheat to the world population. If it misses its export target this means there is going to be a severe food shortage and prices would go up further. Not a rosy picture by any means. War is bad as it is killing so many innocent people every day. Millions are becoming homeless and having to migrate as refugees.

A wish for the world

I sincerely wish that this war ends and there is long lasting peace. The lives which have been lost are irreparable damage to the social fabric and for the families.

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