Meme challenge #272 Entry#1 Take the early movers advantage

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Why would your dad do such a thing ?

Good question indeed. Well it all starts with the premise that you have passed out of school and are on the threshold of taking off.

This is also the time in a lot of cultures when a young adults has to make a choice of making a career. either to continue education by way of joining college or technical school or get into a job. There are situations when a parent may decide to support you so that you do not have to manage a job and a study course both at the same time. This is done so you may focus on your studies.

The freedom that comes with college

College offers a new freedom and often we have to be careful with time management.

Too many distractions

Parties, new friends and extra curricular activities there are so many things vying for our attention. The result is that we our focus drifts and our grades drop. This may set the alarm bells and red flag in the eye of our parents and to prevent us from misusing our freedom they may decide to cut on our allowances.

What is the connection with crypto ?

Just as our college time is a time of opportunity we can shape or mar our career. The same goes for our time in the crypto space. It is for us to focus on good projects.

This requires study and research and some patience. So that we can get in early into a good project and hodl.

Else we may be wasting our time chasing too good to be true get rich quick crypto schemes which may lead us no where.

The Crypto space is only evolving and for us who are here it is time to spot an opportunity and take the early movers advantage.