Meme challenge #273 Entry #1 Spirit of Easter and Crypto FOMO

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eater early.jpg

Easter is a great time for getting together with family and friends. When we get together the focus of discussion invariably shifts to inflation, the rising prices and the ever increasing cost of living.

With this back drop it is obvious for the topic of crypto investment to come up.

People invariable tell me that how they wished they could have got some bitcoin in 2010 -11 when Bitcoin was dirt cheap.

Do not cry over spilt milk

Indeed that is true however what is the point of ruing over a missed chance or a missed boat.

There are many more from where this came from.

Bitcoin is still an opportunity in the long run. However one needs to look at other cryptos too.

There are some very good projects that are in early stages of development and one needs to do some research and evaluate these opportunities and grab them at the right time.

The meme says it all

The above meme that I created is a good way to look at the crypto space and focus not on what is lost but what is ahead of us on the horizon. The crypto universe is exploding with opportunities and it is just a question of spotting a golden opportunity before the token or coin moons.

Crypto in the Easter spirit

So stay focused and keep digging for easter eggs that may turn into crypto gold and make us prosperous and rich in the long term. In case you fancy creating a meme of the image above here is the post with the image and the opportunity to create a meme and win too!