Meme challenge #275 Entry #1 Break the vicious cycle

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Working for money is monotonous

What are your thoughts on a Sunday evening ? Do you dread or despise having to go to the office the next day on a bright chirpy Monday morning?.

If you feel so you are not alone there are thousands or perhaps millions who fee the same way. It feels you are chained to your job that is if you are lucky to have one. The paradox of such a life is that you have to work from paycheck to paycheck. You could crib that you would leave the current job to start a business or for a better job but that seldom happens, You are too busy meeting deadlines at work.

You feel tired and fatigued even on the first day of the week,

The low energy you

A little bit of disinterest and a low battery you have little incentive and focus to improve your lot.

The problem is lack of planning

The state of a person or his finances do not improve on its own. Instead one has to plan and do some thing more in terms of a road map of life and finances.

Why not make your money to work

Making your money to work is the best thing you could do to not only make the future more secure as well as make the current life a lot better than it actually is currently.

It all starts with a desire to succeed

Put an action plan into place. So that you conserve some time and energy to build upon your dreams.