Music-Community and Leo Finance to join forces

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3 months ago - 3 minutes read

Music and Finance - why?

I am more than happy to announce that the Hive Music community and @leofinance will work together moving forward!

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Some of you might ask me why music and art should be linked to boring topics like finance on a blockchain, investment stuff and such - I know that - hence we will outline many more details around the cooperation soon via the official @music-community account, also in various other languages such as Spanish, French and German (please let me know what other versions you want guys!

Leofinance, OCD and Music change the way blockchain art can be rewarded

Be patient, but also keep being excited - a lot to come - more opportunities to promote your own music, to engage here and outside the Hive ecosystem. If you follow @Leofinance you might have realized a huge pool of innovation efforts there not only driven by @khaleelkazi and his team, now supported by a Steem / Hive dinosaur @anomadsoul and the entire finance community there.

I will answer any upcoming questions soon or better at the end of this post. If you follow leofinance you might have read some cool news aka new UI, the new blockchain based Twitter and such.

When I created this community long ago before Hive I was confident we can achieve sth all together - and since we are proud to be officially part of a program by @acidyo called OCD that supports our music community on Hive since a while this marks the next logical step for you as content creator, community members and our blockchain as such. Keep your great content coming and you will probably see more reach, more success and rewards soon.

Thanks to all that contributed to the music-community and to the drivers of this small music ecosystem such as @ylich @eugelys @edje and @edwardstobia.

As mentioned we as music-community join a great program by @leofinance - please check the interface if you are not aware of them yet: https://leofinance.io/.

But read on first! Even we focus on art, music - a topic such as finance should be also key for us - not only as we act on a blockchain, musicians often fail because they lack funding - now we have a chance to fund our own projects. And what is better than work with professionals?

So I am confident, all of us posting, engaging within the music-community will benefit by this cooperation. Leo is doing brilliant stuff, one of the few communities that think innovation and act as driving force behind Hive. The latest one is a cool instrument to re-start onboarding the masses to our ecosystem.

We talk about the latest killer project by Leo - THREADS - what is that?

Hive was built or used to work with a focus on longer content pieces, short form content aka microblogging was often tried but never succeeded on Hive - but now I am confident the NEW Twitter on Hive called THREADS will change things not only within the family of HIVE.

How does it work?

  • Just log in via https://alpha.leofinance.io/threads the usual way;

  • Use it like Twitter with short THREADS up to 240 charachters and get rewarded without being "attacked" on Hive by people that think your post is too short;

  • We as music community encourage you to use this for whatever you want but also to promote posts from the music-community.

  • SWEET thing is we might get a delegation of LEO Power (similar to Hive Power) what we will use to upvote grest Threads by you guys.

What you should do?

That is all!

Enjoy your rewards and be part of a program that will make this community and the entire Leo and Hive ecosystem bigger and more rewarding.

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