Hivebuzz's LeoThreads Stats & Activity Milestone Badges can be a Booster!

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Having a robust tracking tool can be very effective in helping any system evaluate its growth and pace of development. LeoThreads is 11 days old, and we're happy to read some stats from @khaleelkazi, @Dalz, @taskmaster4450le or other techies about the daily performance of threads, but it'll be more fun to have it handy for everyone. I know that the LeoThreads leaderboard is in the development burner, I think it could come up earlier so each threader can inspire his/herself and set goals with a ready tracking system.


Just when I was thinking about tracking our threads even at this early stage, I remember hivebuzz.me. Hivebuzz with Hive ID @Hivebuzz is a project that is designed to bring gamification to the Hive blockchain by tracking users' activity and achievements, notifying them of their progress, organizing contests and challenges and interacting personally with users. source The project designed by @Arcange is a great tool for all hivers.

More beautiful in the project is the virtual badges that are awarded to users when they hit certain activity/engagement milestones on Hive. The badges are also awarded when users participate in some contest or challenge. last year, the Leofinance community had secured a partnership with @hivebuzz to design badges for Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) participation. It's been an added layer of fun for LPUD even as we hope for some value to be added to the badges NFTs. Already, I know I have to unlock the remaining 10 LPUD badges for this year.


I have always looked-up the Hivebuzz stats for my hive blockchain engagements -my count of posts, threads author and curation rewards, etc. Presently, out LeoThreads engagement are counted as comments (that is what they are actually) but I think of something that can be more merrier. Having a stat for threads like I added in the screenshot below would be so cool.

How about a badge that shows what milestone in #microblogs (threads) we've committed? Just like we have for comments, knowing what next badge you'll unlock as per threading could be another level of motivation to thread more. With that, leoThreads users can check their achievements on the HiveBuzz Website and look up their ranking to compare themselves to others on the Ranking page.


I hope that just as POSH design was adjusted to suite LeoThreads (as GOSH) and it means a lot to LeoThreads users, I hope that integration of Threads stats on Hivebuzz would be a well received development.

Who else would be happy to see #threads stats and badges on Hivebuzz?


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