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We live in a society that money has been so overrated. We often forget that the value of money is not in the money (paper or coin) itself but on the product which backs the money. That is, the worth of money is only defined by how much valuable product (good and services) I can exchange with it. Thus, we can say that money only serves as a third-party token or measure to help us exchange products of true and real value.

The value we place on Bitcoin today is because it can be exchanged for goods and services worth $25k. That too applies to every other currencies - crypto or fiat. Their value depends on the worth of goods and services we can exchange. Going deeper, all of what truly carries the value that money can buy is designed and defined by humanity. With that in view, there is the need for us to keep evolving in our learning if we must create a value that money can be backed with.

adulteducation2706977_640.jpg Never stop learning

Today, we are having a hard fight between the pro and anti AIs. This is one fight into futility because as long as there are humans who are constantly learning and intentionally seeking to create value, we would always have disruptions such as AI is bringing. Remember that the advent of cryptocurrency that has disrupted traditional finance systems has created many enemies who will fight to futility too.

There is the more noble way- Seeking out for the best ways to maximize innovations. This can only happen through a dedicated and international research, learning and iterations. Listen to some profound words from Binance's CEO that inspired this post:

"The world is evolving. You must learn constantly. Live in different cities. Have a worldview. Read books: I find books have the highest ROI in terms of self-improvement." - CZ Binance

Every moment we grow our knowledge on a subject, we won't fight it, rather we would create a better usecase and that won't only make a genius of us, but would also gather wealth for us.

lost1605501_640.jpg Are you lost, found or still searching?

The internet has made it possible for us to learn every moment. Information is no more archived in the libraries and museums, we can access them in the palms of our hands with one or two clicks.

The hive blockchain is one of such virtual places we can draw knowledge. Hive was foremostly built for communities and social networks of users with related interests and the growth has been robust with new communities, dapps and the scalability to create more. Aside the earnings, one can Maximize hive as a place for effective learning and knowledge acquisition.

Harnessing knowledge on Hive would be more real through intentional engagement, socialization and feedbacks. The Social connection between users heals it all. Where through long form or micro contents , social interactions makes learning fun as well as provokes collaborations.

stars1153815_640.jpg Reach for the stars

Never settle for excuses. Reach for the stars, learn, enrich your mind, improve your thoughts and ideas, and create that powerful dream you'll be proud of. This would grow your worth and the ROI is massive.

Remember, Leofinance is a place to Explore, learn and educate yourself about one of the most revolutionary movements in our lifetime. We learn before we earn.


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