Tokenized Genesis League Goals Packs on Hive-engine - Pros & Cons

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Genesis League Goals (GLG) - a soccer NFT game built on Splinterlands' Genesis league Sports platform in partnership with Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA) will soon be trend in the play to earn gaming sector. GLG will be the flagship sports game on the GLS platform that will utilize NFTs, cryptocurrency. According to the latest roadmap for GLS, we are anticipating the gaming UI for GLS in 2023 Q2.


Genesis League Goals Packs Tokenized on Hive-engine

Meanwhile, Splinterlands and Hive users have the privilege of buying Genesis League Goals Packs similar to Splinterlands battle game packs that would be used to play the game as well as serve as NFTs for the novel sports play to earn game.

The GLG card will feature your favorite players from the Major League Soccer Players Association. Each pack contains 5 randomly selected cards. The pack sales is currently in the Presale 2 which prices a pack for $10 each or a discounted rate of $5 with one GLGT.

All along, the packs have been sold in the GLS platform's shop but is now tokenized for sale in Hive-engine market. That means you can buy GLG packs as a hive-engine token but not in fractions. Thus, you can use Swap.Hive directly rather than using Hive to buy GLUSD for in-game purchase.


Buying GLG Packs in hive-engine a Good deal?

Genesis League Goals Packs tokenized and listed on hive-engine markets means that hive users can purchase the packs on hive-engine, Tribaldex and leodex which makes the packs accessible to more users that do not even have GLS accounts.

Trading GLG packs on hive-engine opens the NFTs packs to the open market for price determination. That means the price of each pack do not hold firmly at $10 which is obtainable in the GLS shop. As at today, each GLG pack is trading at around $2.17 in hive-engine against $10 in the in-game shop.


Staking GLG Packs offers some additional Benefits

I purchased 2 GLG packs for 12 Hive and transferred same to the GLG website for staking. With 5 GLG packs already, I am looking forward to 5 more packs before the game unfolds in Q2 2023. I believe that Genesis League Goals would would be exciting and engaging it would be really fun and profitable as an early adopter.


While waiting the launch of GLG pack opening to reveal characters (players and coaches), users can stake their GLG packs to earn GLX token daily. Presently, each GLG pack staked yields 0.59 GLX daily. There are just 70 days remaining for the staking rewards. That is just an added benefit for buying GLG packs early.


In-game Shop or Hive-engine Market?

There are 438,348 GLG packs remaining in-game shop for presale 2. Buying the game card packs in-game comes with benefits such as qualifying a player for future bonuses. Splinterlands is synonymous with airdrops and we are sure some freebies would come in the future for the players buying the GLG packs in the game shop. This makes buying the packs in-game and selling in the hive-engine market not really a good deal.

With the way Splinterlands developers are keeping in-step with the development roadmap of splinterlands battle game as well as GLS development, we're hopeful that some exciting times are coming in 2023 for soccer lovers as GLG game gets unveiled soon.

You want to learn more about Splinterlands, SplinterGlossary is a hot reference center for you.


Splinterlands game is termed the "next generation of collectible card games" in which allows players to collect, trade, and battle with provably scarce digital collectibles with real-world value. Battles on Splinterlands Unlike most trading card games, are fast and furious, and are usually completed within few minutes. The Splinterlands gameplay is simple and easy to learn viz: reviewing combat rules, making and submitting of the team and watching the battle unfold.


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