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Today is March 15 and it is the third Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) on the Hive blockchain, a day for those who believe in the future of the LeoFinance project to show their commitment towards helping to grow the value of the $LEO$0.061 token.

$LEO$0.061 is central to the LeoFinance ecosystem which we call the LeoVerse. It is the utility token that powers microblogging, long form content blogging, NFTs, gaming, DeFi all web 3 possibilities that would ever be accessed via LeoFinance.

I happily participated in today's LPUD and powered up 2,700 LEO, my biggest one time power up since LPUD started and that brings my total LEO power owned to 15,000.

image.png 2,700 LEO Powered up

For us in the LeoFinance community, 15,000 Leo Power is not just a number, it represents many things and one of it is the LeoFinance Pride rank within the LeoVerse which comes with some juicy entitlements.

Currently, we have Six different ranks within the pride and they are pretty well defined depending on how much Leo Power a user is holding.

  • Kitten - 1k Leo Power
  • Newborn cub - 2k Leo Power
  • Cub - 5k Leo Power
  • Lion - 15k Leo Power
  • Leader of the Pack - 50k Leo Power
  • Apex Lion - 150k Leo Power

Holding 15,000 Leo power helps me to unlock the Lion Rank. It's a big win for me in the bear market. For me getting through that huge power up was an opportunity cost of other assets.


With the Lion Rank, a LeoFinance user can:

  • Moderate a Community Page
  • Have a Leogrowth sponsored contest.
  • Host a show on the soon to launch LeoTV.
  • Get Four drops on #loud-roars per month.
  • All of the Newborn Cub and Cub rights.

You can read this post for more details on the ranks.

Unlocking the Lion rank was one of my new year Leo goal and I am excited it is happening before the end of the first quarter of the year. This gives me ample space to push towards achieving other parts of the goal with ease.


2,700 LEO was worth $131.2 at the time of powering and that means so much to me. It's not the end of the power up journey as the year's goal is also to reach 25k Leo power. That means I need more 10k LEO t be powered up. If I power up 1,150 LEO monthly, I would have been able to hit 25k LP by December LPUD.

The development and value contributed by the LeoFinance community to Hive, cryptoverse ad internet users generally is what motivates this investment in $LEO$0.061. Each year, the community gets better and value keeps improving.

The massive adoption of the latest Leothreads by all and sundry is an indication of the great potentials in $LEO$0.061. Truly, value will always pursue value.

You still have about 5 more hours to participate in LPUD and get qualified to enjoy the amazing prizes. @Leogrowth has the details.


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