Why I have not opened the gate to new worlds...

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

... and have not joined EXODE, yet.

As always it is doubts and my really big fear of something called "buyer's remorse". When you feel like Ebenezer Scrooge sometimes, you will find me there.

If EXODE was free to join you would find me there in an instant. Why? (My personal pro's)

  • I really hear ONLY good things. You might say it has to be only some random shilling, but I think it is not. Again why do I think? Whenever you see some shilling if you only looked close enough you will always find some warning voices. I cannot find them for EXODE.
  • I like the artwork I see. It is not as classy as for some other games, but it is really decent, sometimes even cool artwork. You can see someone had to put time and effort in it.
  • Reviews are always positive.

But then again why haven't I joined, yet? (My personal con's)

  • I have to make an initial investment I will probably not see again for some time. From all I know, though the game is based on NFTs, the market is rather illiquid. It is based on Hive which is not positive for liquidity, neither.
  • I hear a lot of good feedback about the game as a whole. It is further promoted by several bloggers I really like to read. (And now the big) BUT why do I see so few images? I do not mean the cards themselves. I mean the gameplay. I saw some "cinematic" trailers and I have a rough idea how the gameplay could work, but why is none posting any screenshots of actual gameplay?
  • This one is really personal: I have a bloody past with trading card games and once I get involved, I start to get involved seriously. In my youth I spent a small fortune for several collectible card and miniature games. (If I had only bought BTC for that I would not even consider NOT buying EXODE...)
  • Finally I ask myself will there ever be a complete game? That is a question for a lot of blockchain games, but those in question do not charge any kind of entry fee. If they do I will not enter. I am rather new on Hive. I learned that EXODE is in a way prominent on Hive, but then again that "Project Blank" that anyone is writing about is, as well. But there is not much more for me to it then its name.

Soo... 3 pro's vs. 4 very long con's. I guess my personal struggle will last a little while longer.

...this post was inspired by @khazrakh and his really great initiative for promoting Exode. If by any means I should get some kind of benefit, please send it to @jdike

PS: Anyone reading this, make a video submission with actual gameplay!! ;)

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