Koinos Can be Bigger Than Cardano, Solana, Polkadot or Even Ethereum | Imagine Getting in at Launch

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Koinos has one of the strongest teams in any crypto project combined with one of the fairest launches comparable with the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. What allow Koinos to stand on top of the rest of cryptosphere is the way they develop the blockchain from ground up. This is not another EVM clone. Koinos is not a clone of anything else either. It is built from ground up to upgrade itself without even requiring Hard Forks like the ones that held back ETH 2.0 for years.

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I have talked about Koinos many times in comments. Unfortunately I never made a comprehensive article on the project. Now that the project is going to go live with Mainnet; it is high time I at least promote and champion this blessing that happened to the entire cryptosphere.

I'm not a large stakeholder or part of the team. I will eventually buy more KOIN and become a regular users with more DAPPs running on Koinos. All I'm doing with this article is helping to change the world in a better direction. There is literally nothing like Koinos on the planet. I have done thousands of hours of research into various projects in the space. If you know anything that has the pitch Koinos is offering, make sure to enlighten me in the comments.

Article from 11 Months Ago

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Keep in mind that this article is from a long time ago where the prices were close to $1. The current marketcap at the time of writing is $694,923. That is 112 times smaller than the marketcap mentioned in the above article. Looking at the curret bottom of the barrel prices, a 1,000,000% ROI on investment is not something that is impossible to happen.

Focus on the marketcap itself compared to the value proposition. It is easy to think that gains such as 1,000,000% as something improbable. Instead ask yourself if a project can grow to be smaller than Polkadot or Polygon while offering far superior developer and user experience.

Listen to the videos and interviews released by Koinos Group. They truly understand what it means to cater to both users and developers. Some phrases uttered can be regarded as a wet dream for DAPP developers.

Best Summary on Koinos

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This is the good thing about being late to write an article. I can refer to some of the already compiled work an write my own content on the parts that were left out.

Koinos is Special to HIVE

Most of the team is comprised of the talented people who built world's first social media blockchain and they built it as world's first feeless blockchain. The team contributed to innovate with contributions such as MIRA (Multi Index RocksDB Adapter) which allowed blockchain data to be stored on disk instead of RAM. That is an incredible feature that drive down the cost of running a witness node. Take your time to compare prices for disk vs RAM.

These people should be familiar to those who are coming from the old days of STEEM. Those who are unaware of the drama can read this Decrypt article that offer a fairly good summary of events from a neutral point of view.

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@engrave is developing some great additions to HIVE such as Ledger Support. Others like @andrarchy @gerbino @vandeberg have not posted in a long time. The same goes for @openorchard and @koinosnetwork It would be great to have these accounts posting more on blockchain. There is the right kind of audience on HIVE. We are even familiar and spoiled by feeless transactions. What Koinos is offering is an evolved version of what we have already been experiencing.

Watch Koinos Mainnet Launch Livestream


Read The Whitepaper

There is no better source than the Whitepaper. It covers all the important mechanics involved. Don't waste your time listing to various opinions about the project when you can do your own research straight from the source.

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