Greatly Looking Forward to the Ragnarok NFT Game!

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Have great love, passion, and experience of many parts of the Ragnarok game parts.


Started writing this post before but these is just so much to possibly go through and cover. So there may be many more posts over of which this will serve as the first. Not playing the game yet as the computer I currently have with me is a different operating system. Let's simply start with the basics.


chess board source

Love the game of chess having played in numerous clubs and teams when I was in school. Lone time great strategy game loved and played by many. Fun to have a twist with some basic, yet different form of chess game, combined with battles, cards, and characters. Playing from the corner of the board and will less pieces is sure to bring about different strategy and thinking about the game of chess. Have played some variations from the normal chess game, so look forward to this aspect.

(Collectible) Card Games

pokemon trading card game source

Was very involved with many collectible card games over the years. Bought, sold, traded, and collected many of them. Even hosted and ran sanctioned tournaments while also being present at pre-release events. Many fun things about the interaction about the card game and then this is couple with NFTs. This allows for true ownership. This is one of the differences with the collectible card games that came about. That everyone did, or could have different cards and decks. This introduced lots of different strategies between players with different types of play. Ranging from fast and quick play style decks to slow decks that would replenish life and "counter" spells, or other things lending towards deception play all within some similar realm of rules. This part is a big reason that I am attracted to the whole idea of this Ragnarok NFT game.


poker source

Poker being another great classic game that has especially become more popular at times over the past couple of decades with online poker. Have been playing poker for much of my life. Having learned from a young age along with other card and board games, of which many have been a great past time and part of my life.

This has led to traveling and playing poker at times. Years ago I used to play poker and make posts on Steem where I rewarded my engaging followers with part of my wins. Or if I lost then they go to contribute more to me to help me play more. Few people signed up and played online as well. Sometimes I would share links and could be watched playing like in tournaments for those interested even.


game source

Played many board games and used to own some old Monopoly boards including one of the original ones from 1935! Was very involved with video games for a while as well. This included Pokemon and the trading card game as well. Used to attend a gaming convention in Ohio known as Origins where I got a pass sometimes for being a part of GAMA, Game Manufacturers Association. This in part brought me to the wonderful world of blockchain and crypto as well as the Hive blockchain.

Monopoly source

Checkout @ragnarok.game, #ragnarok, and their website: ragnaroknft.quest to learn more!

Will be looking at and blogging more about the Ragnarok NFT game in the process of learning more about it and sharing some views and ideas as well. Next time will get more into parts of the game.