Virtualgrowth Token Post Sharing of (Top) Holders - Rich List 3/15

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Posts of holders of virtualgrowth token and rich list for today



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Hive (& Leofinance) Posts - A Collection of Decentralized Bits Brought Together by Connections, Volunteerism, and a Token

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Hive Posts

|account/author|post| |-|-| |@tattoodjay|Wednesday Walk A recent walk in Hazelwood Park| |@jeffjagoe|The DCF Team is Launching Degen Coin League with $10,000 in Prizes!| |@kenny-crane|My Actifit Report Card: March 14 2023 - Pi Day Dance Party! Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar!| |@ace108|📷#wednesdaywalk No more going to school - 不用上学了😎(by @ace108)| |@ericvancewalton|Meet My New (AI) Travel Agent| |@vcclothing|My entry to Around the world challenge 44/3| |@ruth-girl|School diaries: the multiplication caterpillars 🐛| |@whywhy|Providential - A true story you wouldn´t believe - Chapter 40| |@toofasteddie|On goals…| |@borjan|IN THE MINING TOWN| |@cmplxty|Three Tunes Tuesday| |@bigtakosensei|The Power.prjct Pinned Posts Colleection! ⚡| |@sagesigma|another powershot view| |@magnacarta|Index4INDEX Card 161: George Lorimer 1| |@davedickeyyall|Headband| |@improv|Lamp photo -5minutefreewrite -pic100| |@doze|Details| |@riverflows|A Peaceful Walk in a Crowded State: Finding a Sneaky Bushwalk.| |@cve3|1999 Yellowstone Buffalo US Silver Dollar 3/13/2023| |@schmidi|Das war das DACH MEET UP am 13.03.2023 [GER/ENG] 🤙😎🤩| |@acidyo|Manual curation| |@magsdiasilva|Vila do Gin| |@deirdyweirdy|Winklepickers to wellngtons| |@mvd|How to use COSRX Aloe Soothing Suncream SPF 50+ PA +++| |@snook|Summer Memories| |@mypathtofire|Getting Started in Terracore - New Hive Game|

LeoFinance Posts

|account/author|post| |-|-| |@beststart|Leo Power Up Day - March 15, 2023| |@trumpman|World's Oldest Company| |@taskmaster4450le|Tesla Competition? VW Going To Spend Close To $200 Billion To Transition To EVs| |@scaredycatguide|The Weekly WenSoon (Leofinance AMA) Recap - 3/14/2023| |@katerinaramm|My Biggest #lpud EVER! One step closer to the yearly goal| |@khaleelkazi|How to Get Rich Selling Your BTC Without Actually Selling Your BTC| |@bitcoinflood|The Daily LEO #230 Inflation and The FED, Facebook Stops NFT Push| |@bitrocker2020|Back to $1 ... what ifs| |@pele23|Woke culture is destroying our society!| |@pouchon|RUN CRYPTO RUN| |@geneeverett|LPUD! Hive/Leo Morning Vlog 🎙️3/15/23 Leo Power Up! DailyJams 🎸| |@codingdefined|March LPUD - Monthly LEO Update| |@anomadsoul|Life after SVB, Taxes on Capital gains, ChatGPT to replace developers?| |@globetrottergcc|E135 Shadow Rider/An Epic Vehicle| |@forexbrokr|The Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) connection| |@silversaver888|1889 Great Britain Queen Victoria Large Crown| |@ifarmgirl|10th LPUD, 10k LEO Power| |@rmsadkri|The SVB Fiasco and the Potential Impact on Rising Interest Rates| |@belemo|GLX will be burnt| |@leofinance|LeoFinance AMA - MAUs Hitting New All-Time Highs, Ad Revenue, Deflationary CUB & BTC Skyrocketing| |@gadrian|287 LEO Powered Up for LPUD! And some unrelated HBD and HIVE thoughts.| |@bradleyarrow|IAAC for 15th March 2023 - LPUD| |@princessbusayo|How serious are you with your goals on Hive? LPUD is here again.| |@cryptothesis|Gosh, I do feel like a profitable and hardworking GPU miner in Hive!| |@emaxisonline|LPUD Participation Using LeoDEX [EN/FR]| |@doitvoluntarily|Harmful forever chemicals found in toilet paper worldwide| |@rtonline|LPUD : Participating in the 10th Leo Power Up Day| |@edicted|Payroll Disruption| |@new.things|My First Leo Power Up Day March 2023|

  • Posted shared of holders in the top one hundred fifty-one (151) with 0.002+ virtualgrowth token today


|#|ACCOUNT|BALANCE| |-|-|-| |1|@beststart|5.011| |2|@leo.voter|2.509| |3|@leveluplifeph|2.363| |4|@tattoodjay|2.212| |5|@jeffjagoe|2.014| |6|@scottshots|1.185| |7|@kenny-crane|0.977| |8|@fredrikaa|0.756| |9|@ervin-lemark|0.617| |10|@mcoinz79|0.534| |11|@omonomo|0.280| |12|@ace108|0.214|

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