Bitcoin is as secure as it has ever been ! Hashrate ATH

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Hi HODLers,

In this very uncertain geopolitical and therefore Crypto/Stock Markets we still have some good news concerning Bitcoin adoption.


We have experienced positive outcomes as many more use cases are coming and bigger exposure for normies through Netflix TV Series and Superbowl Ads.

One of the most important if not THE most important aspect of Bitcoin is its security: It has never been hacked and continue to have a high hashrate to continue not being hacked!

image.png Source: YCharts

Mining Power by country share

China represented 34% of the Bitcoin mining hashpower back in June 2021. Today? It is at 0%! I believe this might be remember as one of the worst economic decision of the Chinese Communist Party. Until today I thought they had been quite efficient playing the world economy game.


US was late in the race but definitely made a very strong come back after China shut down entire Bitcoin mining sector.

US now accounts for more than 36% of Bitcoin's HashPower. As a HODLer this makes me very happy as the cryptoindustry is now lobying effictively in the US and I believe we will never face a potential ban anymore ! Great news to celebrate :D.

Source: Bitcoin network hash rate explodes to a new all-time high of 248.11 EH/s


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