Using my Hive Retirement HBD account for the future dip !

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a year ago - 1 minutes read

Hi HODLers,

I have been consistently saving my HBD into my Hive Savings account since the beginning of February.


I am therefore enjoying a nice 12%APY on these funds AND (as they are supposed to be stablecoins) I will be able to buy the future dip.


I am sleeping very well at night and I keep putting my Hive earnings back to work through this mechanism. So simple and I wished I had done it all along as I would probably sit on top of a few thousands HBD :D

Let's say in a few months, I have a few thousands HBD, the market dips and you can buy a lot of cryptocurrencies at a c.30-40% discount.

  1. Which crypto(s) would you choose?
  2. Would you fully take out your savings to invest in these?

I would probably mostly buy BTC, ETH and FTM.

Also, if HBD was to lose its PEG, I would simply convert all HBDs into HIVE tokens as you know, I would therefore get 1$ worth of HIVE even if HBD value <$1.

Stay safe out there and always think about your Plan B...


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