Flaws: A POV of modern banking

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Today in this post, we'll speak to the people of the world, about what modern banking is about


Salvage funds for high networth individuals.


High speculation on futures, but where majority of the folks investing in futures have minimal knowledge, except a few.


Excessive centralization, and zero flexibility, with a few exception.


High corporate debt.


Lack of transparency due to point no three.


Lack of trust, due to all above points.

This in short is what modern banking has become. Although these are just a rough estimate of what truly goes on in the banking sector.

The first thing that must be done is improve transparency and trust between banks and the corporate.

This by far is the most important thing, that needs to be done.

Secondly, reduce debt, wether it is overseas or caught up in VC funds.

Thirdly, educate folks, on the benefits and risks of each financial product, without any PR.

Hope, this short post is helpful in understanding the current situation in the financial markets.

Have a good day

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