New Years Giveaway!! Win 20 RiftWatchers Packs & 50,000 $WOO

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New Years Giveaway!

With the New Year around the corner we have a lot of cool things we are getting ready for. We're running a Secret Santa event, and we just recently announced our Land Sale. We’re giving away 20 #splinterlands Rift Watchers Packs and 50,000 $WOO!!!!

Do you want a chance to win great prizes on the #hive blockchain, like Splinterlands Riftwatcher Packs and $WOO Token? Well, keep reading to find out how you can enter! Also, you can participate in our WOO Secret Santa event, give and receive some great HIVE Gifts.

Read more about our Land Sale happening next year in 2023 and find out how to get whitelisted for the Sale Event.

Prizes Include

  • 20 Splinterlands Rift Watchers Packs.
  • 50,000 $WOO Token.

The giveaway ends on December 31st at 5 pm ET. Details for entering are below.

Giveaway Entry Requirements:

#oneup #ctp #leofinance #alive #aliveandthriving #archon #neoxian #proofofbrain #hivepizza #spt