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WOO is now a Hive witness! You can vote for our witness here! Now, with that said, let's get on with the post by informing you why this is an essential next step for WOO and the #woonft community.


Hive Blockchain and its Witnesses

Hive Blockchain is a perfect platform for dapps and smart contracts. It was designed with these applications in mind. The platform offers users and developers an intuitive way to create and use these applications. The Hive Blockchain witness node will help to ensure that these applications are running smoothly and are accessible to all users of the network.

As many may know, Hive Blockchain is a decentralized network that relies on witnesses to produce blocks and validate transactions. The community elects these witnesses through delegated proof of stake. Witnesses receive rewards in the form of HIVE POWER for their efforts.

In our mind, a witness is a voice or representative of a community. We felt that our community is under-represented in the blockchain, and we plan to alter that. To that end, we are running the WOO Hive Witness node on VPS from @privex.


What is delegated proof of stake?

Delegated proof of stake (DPOS) is a consensus algorithm for public blockchains inspired by BitShares' Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) algorithm. In DPOS, stakeholders elect witnesses to produce blocks on the blockchain. Witnesses are rewarded for their Blocks with HIVE POWER. The idea behind DPOS is that stakeholders should vote for witnesses that they believe will produce blocks that align with the community's consensus. This allows stakeholders to vote out malicious or uncooperative witnesses while incentivizing witnesses to remain honest and produce high-quality blocks.


Why run a witness?

We decided to run the WOO Hive Witness node for several reasons. First and foremost, we want to help ensure that the voices of our community are heard on the blockchain. Additionally, we hope to raise awareness for WOO and help drive the adoption of the game and the $WOO token. Finally, we believe that running a witness node is a meaningful way to contribute to the health and growth of the Hive Blockchain network and maintain its decentralized nature.


What benefits does being a witness provide?

Being a witness provides several benefits, chief among them being rewards in the form of HIVE POWER. In addition, witnesses can vote on proposals regarding changes to the network protocol or constitution. Finally, witnesses help ensure the security and stability of the network by validating transactions.


What is WOO?

Wrestling Organization Online (WOO) is a Play-To-Earn business management game. Players can build their organizations by acquiring wrestlers and venue types and run wrestling shows to earn more game assets and a $WOO token. The game is in its pre-alpha stage and will release in late Q3 2023.

Currently, you can earn passive income paid out as $WOO tokens through various means, including NFT Mining, $WOO airdrops for unopened pack assets, staking rewards, HP delegation rewards, and more!

We also offer a minigame where users can test their NFT wrestlers in a Battle Royal style match!


What is the mission statement of WOO?

Wrestling Organization Onlines' mission is to promote independent wrestlers and organizations and use a percentage of sales to buy merchandise from various partnered wrestlers for community giveaways. This will directly give back to the wrestling community, help the wrestlers financially, and promote their brand.

We believe wrestlers are overlooked in many regards. Most wrestlers start their careers by putting their bodies on the line for little or no pay. We have seen countless wrestlers injured during their first couple of years in the business with little or no way to pay for it. This doesn't get much better as time goes on because they are considered independent contractors in the United States and are not eligible for health insurance and other benefits. Many wrestlers also become addicted to prescription painkillers due to their various injuries and cannot afford rehab to get themselves clean and off drugs.

We look to positively impact the wrestling industry and help wrestlers by implementing NFT versions of independent wrestlers. Wrestling Organization Online will give a percentage of all transactions during their pack sale to the partnered wrestler. Wrestling Organization Online will also add the partnered wrestlers to a pool of partners to earn a portion of all future sales. Wrestling Organization Online also plans on purchasing merchandise from partnered wrestlers. Wrestling Organization Online will then use this merchandise for future community giveaways. We believe this will help bring the community together and lead to the tangible utility of $WOO.


How do I vote you as a Witness?


Vote here!


At this time, we are not in the top 200. Please go to https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses and search for wrestorgonline at the form below the witness list. image.png


Please go to https://peakd.com/witnesses and search for wrestorgonline. Click the check button to vote for us. WooDivider_2.gif Buy WOO Token and stake your WOO for APY!

Claim your airdrops for holding packs!

Use your NFTs in our minigame or WOO NFT mining!

Visit our website and market!

Follow WOO on Twitter and join our Discord!

Check out our WHITEPAPER!

Get your packs from Hive-Engine and Tribaldex

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