The winner of my Pelacor Mercenary Splinterlands card giveaway (2022.03.14)

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Eight days ago (on 2022.03.06) I made a Pelacor Mercenary Splinterlands card giveaway.

12 people participated in this giveaway.

The other participants were: @captainquack22 @candnpg @irisworld @luizeba @stekene @amaari @matimath @eddqq @jfang003 @litrydow @tokutaro22 @henruc

According to the Random Name Picker, the winner is @stekene.

Congratulations and thank you for participating in this giveaway. I already sent you one Pelacor Mercenary card. Good luck and have fun.

Also thank you to everyone else for participating in this giveaway.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.