Central Bank is Overrated

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2 months ago - 1 minutes read

rate.jpg The central bank is overrated.

We empowered the central bank, and they believed they could save the economy.

They cannot.

They fulfill their own wishes and attract market movement.

But at the end of the day, their impact on the economy is minimal, limited to banking and certain financial systems.

The economy is not about banking only, the activities are very with a large range from small businesses, import & export and much more.

Don't fool with central banks and their faulty mission to save the world.

The power of central bank is limited and they can only perform certain measurements to avoid certain types of crisis.

But with the more complex economic system, the central bank has no power to prevent what would happen.

Their monetary policies can also reach up to certain limits to adjust economic activities.

Their power is limited, but the way to portray themselves as savers is just a wrong impression which eventually will make the central bank weaker and powerless.


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