Tron is under the radar

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radar.jpg Justin Sun, the Tron founder is in trouble.

The SEC charges him and his company with securities violations.

Screenshot 20230322 215233.jpg https://twitter.com/tier10k/status/1638626384355401737

This guy is playing everyone like a puppy and supporting this and doing that to help but he just pocketing tons of money from victims.

Is this money laundry in some sense?

I think so!

Screenshot 20230322 215257.jpg https://twitter.com/Tree_of_Alpha/status/1637481946027552768

One example is during the crash of FTX, he supports victims through his Tron blockchain to refund their losses.

This way, he pumps up the valuation of the Tron in a way to exchange “dirty money” from FTX and help himself to mint more coins for himself and his company.

This just one example of him was trying to “help”.

What a way of making profits out of others' miserable.

Do you think he should pay off the fines or he should be prosecuted?


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