HBD, one of the best investment in stablecoin - 20% APY

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If you watch the Hive's news, you already saw it. HBD savings are now offering 20% interests just on holding them in your savings.

That means there is no risk of loosing my coins at all. In the worst case the value decrease and even if it moves it never went under $0.85 and often stay near the $1.

This makes me really wondering about putting some fiat in it.

I think I'll wait maybe few months to see how if goes with this huge APR and its impact on the price and see if I indeed make some fiat extra money to save. If I have that extra, maybe I will think about placing it here.

The best thing about it is about if it lasts for years. I mean, if you place something on that saving plan and let it sit for some time, it starts to make a lot of money really fast !!

If you place $100 here's what it makes in :

1 Year : $120

5Y : $248

10Y : $619

20Y : $3 833

So yes, I agree with you 20 years is a lot. And a lot of things can happen. Today if everything continues like that, the end of the world could even come quicker than that. (I promise, I tried not to talk about environment)

But that means that even if you have small money amounts you don't need right now, this in a plan it's worth investing. I mean, this is x38 in 20 years. Even $10 would make $380, so if you are in the kind of countries where it's impossible to save $100, you may just try to save few cents or dollar and that could already be something in the future !

For me now, I really think that is something I will need and maybe put 10% of the fiat I can save into HBD savings, because this can really be helpful in the future, maybe one day I'll build a house with that ! Who knows !

Not to mention that if you are into DeFi, LeoFinance is also launching a HBD vault pooled with USDC to have even more APY with stable coins ! So check it out but HDB future is bright !

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