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2 years ago - 2 minutes read


Yesterday, I was on noise.cash seeking some information about DeFi on smartBCH

I asked few questions to users who follow me and I finally discovered the channel SmartBCH. I was probably going to find my information here.

But you know what ?

After fes posts I didn't find anything, I was even a little bit more confused. Then I finally saw few posts about benswap.cash, the DeFi platform I was looking for, and I just needed some more information ton know exactly how to send BCH to my smartBCH Metamask wallet.

So I continued to browse but I pretty quickly found something else quite interesting.

A user called zquestz was looking for a designer for an unusual purpose 🤔

So, everyone is talking about smartBCH, but when I went to create some promo graphics I realized their logo isn't that great to work with. Anyone here good with graphic design? I am happy to provide some BCH to the person who produces the best original smartBCH logo!


And you know me, or maybe you don't, but I wanted to try !

I took my computer, launched a software which isn't made for graphic design because I never learned how to do it, looked on the internet for the best way to draw my idea, made it, colored it with the correct colors and realized I only wasted my time.

I mean, this is not particularly (I hope), but I really don't think anybody would like to replace the actual logo with mine, except a really mad person.


Yep.. I told you it my time was wasted :')

I Decided I would still post it in the comments and I had a response :


And I think this sentence sums up this whole story but I know now, Graphic design isn't for me !

I'm starting a new offer here on hive !


I can do your thumbnails or any other photo or video editing for only HIVE tokens

You can contact me to see what you want here in the comments,

On discord : Ykretz #8677

Or on telegram : https://t.me/Ykretz,


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