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For most of this year, I've survived off my earnings from Leofinance. I hit one of my targets and have successfully begun making new goals, thanks to the stability provided by Leofinance. 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgnJeFz94giMXByDK4.png

Here's the story

My brother introduced me to fintech article writing around April this year. He started by delegating a lot of work he had to do over to me and he noticed I improved quickly.

Then, he told me where he got his crypto knowledge from and I began to read daily news and that's when I began to write a little on Leofinance.

A little is an understatement. I wrote a lot. I wrote about 3 articles a day and my weekly payouts sometimes we're up to 100 Leo or more. That was about $30 then. I earned more than a lot of my friends did every month.

My Hive payouts weren't so great, unfortunately. But I was fine with that.

I spent 3 months staking up 1000 Leo and then after that, I took a break from staking so often and decided to focus on curation a little.

The people

A friend on Hive told me about @leomarkettalk around May or June this year. Interacting there was one of the best things I did here.

I got to learn a lot, read articles I could barely understand, ask questions and get to know a bunch of people here. I've never had the privilege of chatting or making any real friends here but chatting there got me as close as I could to a real relationship with people here.

Over time I got to understand how friendly the folks here are. I read their comments and interactions with each other and I love how people who have never met and might never meet seem like best buds. They found a similar interest and have built a friendship around that interest.

Leofinance feels like a family.

The information

I first found out I was going to make my first $1000 here on @leofinance long before it even happened. So when it did, I wasn't caught in aware.

For every occurrence on Hive, Leofinance has the gist. There's almost nothing that happens here that wasn't first discussed on Leofinance.

This is also a go-to place for credible crypto and fintech news. No one talks trash here because there's always someone watching who knows a lot better than you do and will not hesitate to correct you. I've been corrected a few times.

The best part about it is that the users are friendly so you'll be getting constructive criticism.

Earning Leo

Currently, my Leo earnings have not been so much but I've earned a lot over time that j can't be too bothered.

I survived 3 months entirely on my Leofinance earnings and I didn't have to power down even once.

I enjoy curation rewards that I power up on my @karin.leo account. They come in bits but little drops of rain make a pond.

I appreciate every day I write in Leofinance, everyone I'm familiar with and everything I've gained from writing here.

I'm glad it's finally getting the exposure it deserves.

Thanks for reading!

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