10 Things Leofinance & Leothreads can Do that Twitter Can't

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Leofinance' new UI has become a sensation here on Hive blockchain, and it is undoubtedly, the most popular social frontend for people to share their thoughts, connect with others, and stay informed about what's happening in the world on Hive.

Leofinance and Threads now serves as a decentralized platform with a variety of new use cases beyond your current imagination and beyond what Twitter in its current state can offer. Let's explore ten possible use cases for Leofinance that Twitter cannot match:

Elon Musk can only dream.

1-Decentralized Social Network

Leofinance/Threads is in the front-line as a flagship web3.0 socialfi technology, with the implication being that users would have control over their data and interactions, as opposed to a centralized social network where a third-party has access and can potentially monetize this data. As a decentralized platform, Hivers could have more control over their interactions, privacy, and censorship resistance.

2-Content Monetization

Another potential use case for Leofinance that Twitter cannot match is content monetization. By leveraging cryptocurrency, users could earn rewards for their content contributions on the platform. This would incentivize high-quality content and increase engagement, benefiting both users and the platform. Additionally, compared to Twitter which relies on an Ad-driven model, the current Leofinance/Threads monetization model could benefit creators who may have difficulty monetizing their content on other platforms.

3-Decentralized News Platform

Twitter has become a popular source of news, but as a centralized platform, it can be subject to censorship and manipulation. Leofinance nails this as a decentralized socialfi tech, making it a more reliable source of news that's entirely censorship resistant.

4-NFT Marketplace

NFTs have become a popular way to represent unique digital assets, and Leofinance as a Web3 platform could become a marketplace for NFTs (Twitter can't imagine this). Users could buy and sell NFTs on Leofinance, with the platform serving as a gateway for creators and collectors to interact and transact. Additionally, Leofinance could offer tools to help creators mint their own NFTs, potentially creating a new revenue stream for the platform.

5-Community Governance

Twitter relies solely on paid moderators to ensure the community is safe, the result? Content moderation has failed on Twitter. Twitter is currently worse than Facebook in terms of content moderation.

Decentralized Leofinance is empowering users to govern the platform through community-driven decision-making. Users could vote on contents (posts and Threads), platform updates, features, and changes, allowing for a more democratic and decentralized platform. This is helping in building trust, accountability and increasing user engagement.

6-Identity Verification

Leofinance as a Web3 platform could offer decentralized identity verification. By using blockchain technology, Leofinance could allow users to verify their identity, creating a more secure and trustworthy platform. This could also help combat issues such as fake news, bots, and online fraud.


As a Web3 technology, Leofinance through its wallet feature is facilitating micropayments, allowing users to send and receive any amount of cryptocurrency easily. This is enabling users to monetize their content or engage in small transactions, such as tipping a creator for their work.

8-Decentralized Messaging

Using the memo key, we could implement a more secure direct messaging feature on Leofinance which Twitter's direct messaging feature cannot match. By leveraging blockchain technology, messages could be encrypted and stored on a decentralized network, reducing the risk of data breaches or hacks.

9-Decentralized Advertising

Leofinance as a Web3 platform is currently offering a more transparent and decentralized advertising model. Advertisers are bidding for ad space using LEO token, and users could choose whether or not to engage with these ads. This model is providing more control over user data and interactions and increase transparency and accountability. No crazy algorithms are being implemented to learn your ad preferences and offer you intrusive advertising.

how will Elon pay his loan if he disables the algorithms?


Finally, Leofinance could become a platform for gaming, leveraging Web3 technologies, with players able to earn rewards for their achievements. Additionally, Leofinance could offer tools for developers to build and monetize their own games, creating a new revenue stream for the platform.

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